Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Not so much a phlembot

I thought it was just a cold that had me laid out for the last three days.
But I found this under the floorboards of my bed, right under my side.
I suspect that it might not have been just a cold, because I noticed a few other things were different. Like the way I glow in the dark, the way I seem to be able to read people's minds, how I seem to be able to stop time, fly like Supergirl, and remember everything I've read or heard in the last six months. That and my ability to become invisible and to heal instantly from wounds.
But I did have a high fever, and I did watch the whole first season of Heroes in a fever dream state, so maybe everything but the invisible part was a dream.
I know I posess the ability to become invisible, or transparent, because when I got into music stores, auto parts stores and that pit of swine who work at Marling Lumber, nobody seems to see me.
That might just be because I'm a middle aged woman who does not have big tits, a flat belly or big hair.
But enough about my fever dreams and disgruntled state of being.
How about that blizzard? What a perfect three days to spend sleeping off a virus.
Think I'll go do that now.
And because, as my globe trotting pal Craig said to me, "you can't not bring up politics, can you?" here's a bit for you:
How about that fucker McCain? Blows off the vote today that would have provided fifty billion for extended unemployment benefits and aid to retired poor folks after saying "we need a stimulus package!"
He's a nasty old, angry fossil, ready to bomb everyone, and if there was a god worth caring about, he'd toss that bastard a stroke that would make his eyeballs blow out.
But instead he'll stay healthy because he gets gold plated health care
thanks to his privledge as a Senator!
Ain't amerika great?
And, a tip of the hat to that pair of scewups Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid:
Thanks for kneecapping Senators Dodd and Feingold on FISA, and for taking impeachment off the table!
Paving the road for President McCain by being without spine!
Happy snow day and stupid old school Democrat day, everybody!

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M Big Mistake said...

Doooode...the link to your guitar site is fucked up...comma instead of a period.

I understand, I hate having a period.

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson