Thursday, February 21, 2008

Climbing the Walls and Falling on my ass..

I think I am going to make hardwood cleats and attach them to the studs all over the house. I'm already climbing the walls, might as well save what's left of my fingernails. One month of winter left on the calendar. Yeah. Sure. Whatever, I sorta doubt that winter cares what that stupid calendar says this year.
Everything is covered with ice, I managed to fall right on my back walking to the coffee shop the other day, and last night's record cold was only tempered by the fact that there wasn't much wind.
My shop's too cold to work in, and I already dropped about as much money as I can spend on propane for it, so I'm not building anything, or even fixing things I should be.
This winter is about as harsh as I can remember on the brain, even more than the ones in the early 70's when I was living in Northern Wisconsin.

I want to ride my bike, plant my garden and crack the windows and air out the house so bad it's making me insane.
But at least it's warm, I have enough food and a sweetie who loves me and a wide screen TV and dvd player and electric blanket, and our band's playing this Saturday at the Winter Market. So it's not all suck, but this cabin fever making me batshit insane.

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