Friday, February 08, 2008

100 proof Root Beer Schnapps

So, I'm bumping elbows with the polar fleece and snow booted masses at Woodman's today, searching for joy and love and heavily discounted nearly expired produce and wild raspberry stash tea and expensive rustic sourdough bread, and at some point I think, holy shit, there are too many primates here, and head to the checkout lines, where the overworked checkout people struggle to shove everybody's suspect food choices past the scanner.
On the way out, shuffling past the photolab and the soon to be extinct DVD rental section, I throw restraint out the window of my monster truck nascar mind and head into the Liquor store.
I like booze. I like Stroh's Inlander Rhum, a toxic Austrian rum that is 80 percent ethanol. I love Tequila, have a real attraction to good whiskey in less than two ounce portions, and have what can only be described as a tasteless and semi-toxic love for Schnapps, although American Schnapps has too much crap in it for me to really love. Too sweet, too thickened with glycerin, too much like diabetes in a bottle.
But today, I found something almost as good as what them e-u-rope-eans drink, Phillips Root Beer 100, a much less syrup and sugar laced kick ass liqueur.
We killed half a 750 ML bottle tonight, four of us getting friday night stupid. It Does Not Suck.
It tastes like a slightly bitter and aromatic root beer barrel candy, with hints of semi adult spice to it.

An adult version of what we drank as kids back in the mid 1970's, when we had to sucker some lonely 18 year old into buying it for us because we were too young to get it ourselves.

It reminds me of rolling in the wet grass on Clem's hill with a lover I had who had the most amazing curly red hair, of a time when we had fewer chins, flatter and leaner bodies and when we were both clueless and fearless.
I'm still pretty fearless, having decided a long time ago that life is just too damn short to worry about much, even if I'm 50 damn years old.
Back then I was just young and stupid.
Now I'm just too old to burn daylight on idiots unless I can get a good rant going.
Go buy a bottle if you're in the mood for some pleasant stupid. Just don't drink too much, because it will hurt in the morning.

Photo stolen from Bighappyfunhouse.
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