Thursday, February 07, 2008

A Letter To Mayor Dave!

It's time to piss off some developers!
Time to make them hear our mighty if somewhat dirty hippie roar!
So take some time and write to these two email addresses if you can, and ask in a nice way for a greener, cleaner Madison with more bike trails, walkable neighborhoods and fewer damn developments made of unsustainable wood and plastic that require cars for every single thing, including going somewhere where it's safe to BICYCLE!
I did today. If you're not sure what to write, just rip off the spirit of my missive to our handsome young Mayor. Be polite, but be a pain in the ass, too.

My somewhat manic missive to the mayor, in full!
With added exclamation points!!!!!!
(they were cheap, I got whole box full at St.Vinnie's!)

Hey Mayor Dave!
I voted for you!
I want a better city, more bike trails!
More infill and less sprawl!
Fewer ugly expensive condos and more public art!
And more Bike Trails!
Make the whole city like the east side and you'll have a much heathier place, with fewer cars and more community that can walk, bike and take public transit!
And I loved the trolley cars, no matter what the cranky nay-sayers thought.
And did I mention more bike trails would be lovely?
The future is in your hands, let's make this joint like a fine e-u-ropean' city, although you can skip the whole legal drugs thing Amsterdam has for now. I'd be happy with some green planning.
Let's rock this town with some clean, mean green momentum, so I can vote for you again.
And remember, Cars are SOOOO 20th century! Think of them last, they're rolling dead wheels. Zombie transport!
Another happy biker eastside freak who has time to bug you,
On the Isthmus!

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Homegrown Evolution said...

Right on! Walk, bike and public transit! Get those zombies out of their cars!!!

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson