Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Her fists, In Black and White, 1988 or so

She was my main model for a long time. She liked being photographed as much as I liked having her as a willing partner in my photographic work. I took this a long time ago, I think around 1988, although I never kept track of dates or techinical issues.
She and I drifted apart as pals, I moved to the west coast and got strange, she moved to the Carolinas and married a guy with a jewlery store, had lots of babies and converted to being a Jew. She stopped modeling nude for me right around then. I don't think her husband liked the idea.
But I am glad I have boxes of photos to remind me of her, and I sure was lucky to have her ask to model for me.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Not as Big

I can see the dark side
of the way things are
how did it get so bad
when we've come so far
I guess it comes down
to who we are
I thought we were bigger
than either one of us

and the doors slam shut
and the meanings got lost
and most of what I wanted
slowly got tossed
thrown over the side
to sink to the bottom
the few that are left
I'm not sure I want them

I wish I was a monkey
swinging from a branch
just grab the next one
take another chance
it sure feels like I'm sick
of doing this dance
I been trying to tell you
but you can't seem to listen
I became unimportant
when you got a mission
I got shut out
or shouted down
ignored or dismissed
like some fucking clown
you expected
your ass to be kissed
sooner or later
you'll look around
and I will be gone
nowhere near
to be found

Scare the Dog MP3

Here's a rough mix of something I'm working on. It will stay rough, because texture and rough edges feel good. At least sometimes when you're sick of smooth edges and exacting performances in other venues.


"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson