Tuesday, July 31, 2007

They seek the light, but dwell in the dark of space

I love babies, but sometimes I fear them, for they are often not really babies, but aliens hiding among us, seeking to steal our vital bodily juices and to confuse us by imitating real human babies.
I think this one's a real human, though. I hope, but I thought he was cute, so the odds are he's not really human. I have bad luck that way.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Roller Derby Girl with Bruise

At the roller derby practice there are often times when all those adult mammals on wheels rolling madly around collide. Sasafrass was kind enough to show us her most recent use of her body as a canvas. I think the tattoo goes well with the lovely purple blue and yellow and red.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Crouched on the Couch, 1993

She was barely 18. She walked up to me at a group art show I had a few nudes in and asked me if I was ellie. I said yes. She asked me if she could model nude for me.
I love this planet.
This was shot on a warm summer afternoon in my living room. There was a big storm rolling in, and the light had that strange color it gets before the thunder and lighting kicks in. A greenish tint was in the air, and I barely had enough light to catch the photo.
I have no idea where she is now, last I heard anything, she was living in Minneapolis, had a platnium blonde crewcut and was happily tangled up with some cute boy.

Gone To Canada

This weekend Kat and Leah are off, to a new life in Kat's home country. I'll miss them. Leah's finally going to be legally married to her sweetie, but she's also leaving her home country.
Lots to think about, these two have. Bon Voyage, my pretties. I'll be up to see you sooner or later, if only to escape BushCo and the new order.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Pine Hill, Stump with Legs

It was a hell of a place, a heavily wooded hill between two lakes, a few miles from anywhere. We used to go camp there when I was a teenager, canoeing across the lake we lived on with marshmallows and vodka and sandwiches stolen from the summer camp kitchen.
It was filled with huge pine trees, big open spaces to sit and look out across the water as the sun set. I kept going back there for a long time, either riding horses or hiking. About 100 yards from where the stump in the photo was my horse once tripped and I broke both wrists and my back, spending the summer with two casts on my arms and one hell of a sore spine from the compression fractures. It bugs me more today than it did in the decade after the accident. Part of the price you pay for having a wild and often too interesting life.
We were out hiking the day I took this, sometime around 1978. I had only been shooting for a year or so, and it was one of those hot summer days where the air smelled of pine needles and swamp water, where the sun baked the horseflies and dragon flies into a happy frenzy of energy. I hated those horse and deer flies. They had a bite that felt like a napalm covered bee sting.

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Nice Teeth!

Another coffee shop beauty! I think it's the coffee down at EVP, it tends to make the world look very odd to me.

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Nude with Coffee, Sunday morning, around 1988

That apartment was huge and ancient, above a glass store, nine rooms for 250 bucks a month. Cheap even for 1988 money. I shared it with a series of people, one a lunatic furniture salesman and fanatic bike rider who screwed as many girls as he could, then an artist pal who did dark and wild paintings and drank heavily.
He got a bad Jesus virus, decided I was damned to hell and moved out, and on the way told two mutual friends they could move in over the weekend while I was gone.
The apartment was next to a door factory where machines hummed 24/7 and sawdust collectors exploded and the fire department would scream up every few days to put them out.
Across the street from a biker bar where drunks would stumble out to scream and puke on the street, or roar around on big loud Harleys and choppers.
The real kind of biker, not the pampered dentists and clean smelling yuppies who came later.
The two new roomies turned out to be new age roommates from Hell. They preached love and bought weird crystals and drank strange overpriced elixirs made from seabed minerals. And they fought like demons late at night, screaming and throwing each other around.
I finally had to move out, ready to kill both of them as they slept just so I could sleep a whole night. I found out later they had some new age guru who had "found a dark spirit in the old apartment".
They did some strange ass ritual/ceremony with a six hundred pound amethyst crystal to exorcise it. I think they were exorcising me. Somewhere, in between roommate madness I shot this.
I had a spare room, with great morning light overlooking the busy street below. I shot this one rare quiet Sunday morning sometime in 1988 or so.
She was my first nude model that I photographed, and we were a couple for a very long time. And she still looks great 20 some years later.

Thursday, July 19, 2007

My Back Yard

It's taken twenty or so Toyota truckloads of mulch, burned out one rototiller, about a half a truckload of landscape timbers and seven years.

It also grows about two inches an hour after a rain.

Twentyeight tomato plants, six or seven Castorbean plants, too many morning glories, beets, cosmos, marigolds, cukes, and god only knows what else.

I'm happy with it. This is also my commute to work on the way home, all sixty or seventy feet of it. That is far from suck.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Torso, Early 80's

One from the vault, shot in the old photo studio I used to work in. Shot with a big, boxy and very nice Hassleblad on real film and printed in a real stinky darkroom.
I do not miss working in the darkroom. Not one little bit. I think 15 years or so of soaking one's hands in sodium sulfite and glacial acetic acid was long enough.
Photoshop is far less stinky and more fun.

Monday, July 16, 2007

My Homeboy Lucas shows his True Form

They barf, shit and cry among us, and I for one welcome my pal Christine's new rapidly growing minature Alien Overlord and Activities Director.

All hail Lukasss, Ambasador from the planet Haa'raxaloo Prime!

P.S.- His name pronunced Lu-cas, although given his ability to barf up curds from his mom's milk, maybe it should be Mucus. I'm sure all the little bastards on the playgrounds of his future will call him that.
Kids are really not nice people. I know, I live next to an elementary school playgound, and they swear more than the cast of Deadwood.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

True pregnant beauty

Sometimes, the pregnant female form is about
the most wonderful thing in the world to look at.

Screwed up blog code

I have been away from the blog because Blogger has a "autosave" feature that pissed me off so much I walked away. It would save everything I wrote with a new entry, and I wound up with about three dozen posts for every sentence I wrote.

I hope it's fixed now.
And now, the sexual organs of flowers. Passion flowers from my deck.
I got a new camera. It fucking rocks. A digital SLR that has a really, really wide angle lens. Thanks Kori!

Prom Queen

SShe was the talk of the prom in that fine frock.

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson