Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Fake Holiday!

Happy Hallmark and Floral industry holiday, everybody!
It's that day of the year where we spend billions of money on the slowly withering reproductive organs of plants, pack our loved one's faces with too much rich American food, cheap oily chocolate made from crappy ingredients, many of them harvested by poor children in places where they dream of having too much shit like most Americans do!
Today, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of pounds of fat and cellulite will be made by people gorging themselves on this excuse for a holiday, millions of people will finally wake up and realize they'd better do something nice for their sweetie because some advertising dudes figure a way to make them feel guilty for ignoring them the rest of the year as a way to make huge piles of money!
So don't forget to tip that waiter, or that flower delivery person. and at least a few people on the bottom might come out a little less behind.
Me, I tell my sweetie I love her every day, and almost every day thank her for being my partner. And I'm glad that she doesn't buy into fake holidays.
We make our own, mostly.
So, once again, I say, Happy Hallmark and Flower shop scam holiday, chumps!

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