Saturday, February 23, 2008

Kyle and his bass, June 2005

Kyle's my pal Sindi's son, I met him a long time ago when he was a little shit of about six or seven.
I took this photo of him a few years ago when I made it out to Port Townsend, Washington, where he lives with his cool mom and Jake, her sweetie.
Port Townsend is a very cool place, a little town across the water from Seattle on the Olympic Peninsula, out there in the rain forest.
Kyle's a bass player these days in New Faces, a band who just won the first semi-finals of Sound-Off!, the NW battle of the bands.
The finals are on March 1st at Experience Music Project in Seattle.

Here is a link to a video interview of them (some good shots of Port Townsend too):

or the direct link to the video is:
I wish them luck, he's a pretty cool dude for his age, and I'm envious that he started so young. It took me till I was thirty to finally learn to play, and I didn't get good till a few years ago. Good at being loud, anyway.
They're coming to visit soon, I'm looking forward to hanging with the three of them.
And winter still sucks. Four to eight more damn inches of snow on the frakkin' way.

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M Big Mistake said...

I didn't know that you didn't start playing until you were 30! This gives me hope that I won't always suck...even though...wait...I've already been playing as long as you have and I suck.

Well...maybe someday I won't suck at drums anyway.

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson