Monday, January 14, 2008

Sarah and Sarafina, 1997

It was Valentine's day, and most of my Seattle tribe was down at the Coffee Messiah celebrating a Hallmark holiday with freakish fun. A whole bunch of us got married that day by Sister Helfire N. Dalmatians, a mustachioed
member of The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.
Sara and Sarafina were wild young freaks, barristas, fire eaters and dancers who traveled Central America on no money, rode freight trains, lived out there on the edge where things were broke but alive as hell.
I think they're both in California now, Sarah had a baby with her boyfriend Jim a few years ago, and Sarafina moved down to California to do all sorts of fire eating and flame spinning.
Kori and I got married by Sister Hellfire that day, too. It's as close as two folks like us can come to a legal marriage, and we've gone on to prove what a threat we are to marriage by being happy, childless and solid in each other's lives for almost 13 years now.
I keep hoping someday that a brain virus comes along and rewires all the fundamentalist thinkers out there to be something besides scared of people like us. You know, accepting and open and non judgmental like all the left wing Jesus people claim their dead guy on a stick was.

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