Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Onion Flower in My Garden, July 2007

I miss my garden. I miss summer, everything all green and lush and fragrant. I miss long hours of sunlight making my garden leap into a lush jungle that scares the children and horses.
I miss a lot of things these days.
I guess I and many of my pals are deep in the winter of our discontent, as Shakespeare said.
Things are weird. The weather's been all over the place, we're being governed by thugs, the war merchants and neocons are trying to get us into a third or fourth war, depending on what crap they're ranting, our rights have been steadily eroded by the rethuglicans, and we live in bozo times where people who try and talk about issues seriously are called angry
or liberal scum, where the incompetent fall upward and get medals of honor or giant bonuses for wrecking companies or laying off thousands, and in a time where people measure the quality of their life by their car, ugly McMansion or the amount of money they can make.
All of that weighs pretty heavy on a lot of us these days.
Maybe that can change when we get rid of the evil power drunk clowns in the next year or two.
It makes me feel a little bit of hope to see the record turnouts in the primaries on the Democratic side.
I still think the democrats are almost as blind the shit in the wind we're going to have to face, but if they can sweep in a bunch of new people, there might be at least a hint of sanity creeping back in.
I think it's time to go watch some post apocalyptic movie so I can feel better about how bad things aren't. And one never knows what practical information you can get about killing viral infected zombies.
I think we have got a bunch of them in our local Walmart .

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Pilot said...

What? Zombies? Well, here's all the knowledge you'd hoped you'd never have to read on the subject:

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson