Friday, January 04, 2008

Metal Man Scupture in da UP

It was early October. We were in between my peak experience with a chili dog and our visit to the Porkies, just about dusk.

The sign said free family park tour, so we dived off the highway into a freakshow of fun metal sculpture. These guys were part of a half mile or so tour of great weirdness.
And on another unrelated note, if Obama becomes president, I hope he's a ruthless bastard when it comes to dealing with the swiftboating, bible slamming, kneecapping and devious slime known as hardcore rethuglicans.
They need to be treated with the same charity and kindness the give others.
Or killed, but I'm not quite ready to advocate for that. Give me another year or so of Bush and I might consider it.

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