Thursday, April 02, 2009

Too old and too late for their parent's basement

Random thought of the day:

I wonder what all the mid 20's to mid 30 year olds are going to do when they find out that not only can they not move back into mom's basement when they lose their jobs and house, but that Mom and Dad are fucked out of a pension and 401 K and they're all going to have to all live together in that single wide trailer grandma left behind? The one with the mouse problem and the rotten floor nobody's lived in for a decade?
The same folks who've always had their own apartments, never had to share a place with somebody and who've never seen a bad recession?
I've spent a summer camping in a tent and a truck camper.
I've shared a tiny house with four people and all of us are still alive. more than once.
I could to either again, or even build my own shack, one much nicer than the unabombers.
But a lot of people are going to be having some fun adjustment times to come.

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