Saturday, April 04, 2009

Our Rotting Rolling Nightmare Party Barge

Here's some photos of our midlife crisis chariot.
We bought it from a nice guy who chain smoked over on the south west side of Madison for a couple thousand bucks.
It's a1987 Toyota based Seabreeze RV. It's only got 60 thousand miles on it, not much for a Toyota, but damn, I pulled at one soft spot and found an ogry of rot.
The Bob we bought it from also had imbued it with a giant ashtray atmosphere. So I started tearing out everything that seemed rotten or that I didn't like, including all the hideous particle board cabinets and the carpet where ever I could.
We left the bathroom intact, but almost everything from the windows down to the floor was delaminated.
The floor was fine, but we tore out the AC and everything but the hot water heater and are going to rebuild, put in new paneling and some hardwood flooring and very thin pine wainscotting.
We also tore out part of the cieling where the AC unit had leaked, and after a few weeks of venting it almost doesn't smell like smoke.
Now I'm mostly waiting for warmer weather to start rebuilding it.
I'll need temperatures above 50 for the adhesives to set up in the rebuilt walls.
These things are supposed to get 16 miles to the gallon, and have quite a cult following, with even a Toyota Motorhomes Forum.
Then again, in the age of the internet a lot of funky things have a cult following. After all, you're reading my lame but oddly compelling blog.


miriam said...

"What a project!" Dylan and I say. Also, you take some amazing photos of women, including such beautiful shots as reclining nudes as well as nude preggers women with strange masks...

Rev J D said...

I want to see it when its done. How cool!

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson