Monday, April 06, 2009

Quote of the Day: Ian Welsh

Ian's a great writer with whip smart observations. He blogs at Firedoglake and there's a link at the bottom to his own site.
He's one of the folks I wish I could write like. He rocks, go read his stuff.
"Short of the Soviet Union I wonder if there has ever been a population as saturated with propaganda and lies as the American one. Wonder how long it’ll be before such things happen in the US. Wonder if it does happen, if the SWAT teams will go in and start killing people.
Bankers lost trillions of dollars over the last 8 years due in large part to outright fraud, paying themselves billions in bonuses. Under both Bush and Obama, the response to their theft has been to give them trillions of dollars worth of money. Trillions have not been spent on helping people destroyed by the bankers greed, corruption, incompetence and theft.
If Americans continue to put up with this, they aren’t just sheep, they’re serfs."

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