Wednesday, July 23, 2008

More Making BBQ sauce

Mom's still going strong at 81, still cooking for a lot of folks.
She spent 50 years being a cook, thirty at a huge summer camp, a number of years in a few fancy pants hotels and ran a few restaurants with my short attention span father.
She knows how to knock out three meals a day for hundreds of folks making ingredients from scratch, and has a heart bigger than Northern Ontario.
I've been canning and putting up conserves and jam, this was my first BBQ sauce.
Few things taste as good as fruit and jam and pickles you make yourself. Being in a town with a Farmer's Market like ours is not a small thing.
But I still hate with a passion more bright than a thousand supernovas those damn eight wheeled strollers that self entitled yuppie scum use to push their spoiled brats around the market on the square.

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