Monday, July 21, 2008

The Garden, July 21st 2008

The big flood in May didn't do any long term damage to the garden, that's for sure. It's gone berserk, with the hot days and warm nights bringing in tons of peppers, tomatoes and chard and summer squash.
It's so fertile that there are tomato and squash growing out of the side of my black plastic compost barrel.
Now if the damn skeeters weren't so thick, I'd be out there pulling weeds.
The Japanese beetles are back, though, munching on the hops and beans again. Damn alien invaders are now here for good.
We've been canning and putting up fruits and veggies like crazy.
Last week I picked a gallon and a half of tart cherries off a pal's trees, and we made fruit conserve, a pectin free fruit spread with walnuts, cranberries, cherries and pineapple, and another two batches of rhubarb conserve, using apricots, more pineapple and rhubarb and golden raisins.
We also hot packed eight or so pounds of green beans with jalapenos, and made two kinds of mulberry jam with blackberries, and a few other kinds of mixed fruit jam.
I like canning food and having locally grown sources for the ingredients, few things taste as good in the dead of winter than homemade jam with homemade bread, and Kori's turned into an amazing bread maker.
Last night we had our freak tribe real family Sunday dinner, and we ate beans and zucchini, garlic and onions from the garden, and made flaming cherries jubilee served over frozen yogurt with the cherries from Pam's trees.
Life is good, even with the speeding train of peak oil induced economic mayhem coming at us.

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