Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Daddy Complex make em' stupid

So, I'm reading the news, watching the blogs, and I'm noticing that almost all the reporters and barking heads are being just as stupid as they were when Bush was running, maybe more so about how wonderful that cranky retread of Bush the Younger McCain is.
It makes my head hurt. He says things that make no sense, and every time somebody gets in a question he can't handle, the media leap to defend him.

Just like they did when Bush ran. Maybe even more.
There must be something about the mainstream media that just loves a daddy figure, even if the rest of the country is ready for a real adult to run the country.
McCain did serve his country in the war. He did get shot down, tortured, locked in a hole and saw what must be the thing most like hell on earth you can live through.
But it also is the sort of thing that makes you barking mad, and fucks you up for life, from his damaged shoulder to his giant anger.
When a four star retired General like Wesley Clark can't point out that getting your ass shot out of the sky and then being stuck in a hole doesn't make you qualified to sit at the desk with the big red nuke button, and gets swiftboated for it, you know things are getting stupid.
I think I'd like somebody in that office who's not still fighting the wars of the last century, and somebody who can at least not look like a grinning skeleton being run by a puppeteer, somebody who will notice that things are going to shit in a whole different way in this new century.
And I also think Obama's going to be another Bill Clinton, looking out for just a few more people than the rethuglicans.

So, take your pick, the handsome black guy who won't keep fucking you in the same old way, and offers a reach around, or the angry old white man who should be in a retirement home and in therapy for big lying and anger management issues who's going to keep up the BushCo method of lube free reaming.
I think I'm gonna go barf.
On second thought, I did that after the pig roast Sunday when I got food poisoning. Never mind.

And here's another monkey photo, because I like them. Time to go pick beans and chard.

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