Sunday, July 27, 2008

Hot Truck, Long Drive

A few things I thought about or reflected upon today, while driving:

My sweetie rocks, big time, even when she's overheated and nearly silent.

Inflatable queen size air mattresess lose air when you have two large mammals sleeping on them. And they suck even before they lose air.

Josh Munter builds kick ass guitars.

The older I get, driving for 6 hours with no air in the car sucks.

Thrift stores in Northern Wisconsin not called Goodwill are a much better deal than they are in Madsion.

Goodwill sucks no matter where you go, and the evil corparate mentality behind their mission makes the whole thing seem freakishly ruthless.

McDonald's iced coffee is not good, but can keep you awake.

There are about one third as many misquitos in northern Wisconsin than there are down here.

My tomato plants are starting to produce, big time.

Eating roasted fresh baby potatoes and a garden salad made from basil, tomatoes and garlic and olive oil, along with fresh picked sweet corn and Kori's homeade bread with Bess while watching the Futurama movie "Bender's Big Score" is a very fine way to spend a night after too much driving.

And, my little 1992 Toyota Truck got 30 MPG today.

Life is good, today, anyway.

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