Monday, June 02, 2008

Good Childcare is Hard To Find

Given a choice, I think I'd rather have a monkey than a baby.
Babies grow up to be kids, who are mean little shits who yell at each other on the playground next door, turn into fat little mammals that demand corn syrup filled junk food, and usually turn my pals into fucking idiots who obsess over things like picking out a church to take them to, even though they haven't been to one since they hated it as kids.
Or they buy a home on the west side so they can be in a better school district, even though the damn little shit spiller is only two years old.
I'm glad I poured bleach into my gene pool, decided to have milkless tits and no worry about sending them to college or having them come home one day when they finally realize what sex is and tell me they're heterosexual and are going to bible camp.
But enough about my hatred of the concept of kids. On to something really cool:
Today, while drinking a beer and eating some fine pizza we baked up,
we watched one of our hop plants grow two inches in an hour.
Pretty cool to see summer finally kick in with a vengance.

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