Friday, May 30, 2008

Airlines, Corn Syrup and Good Shoes

Even monkeys aren't stupid enough to burn their home up to make
cheap Ikea shit and grow burgers for beef on what used to be rainforest.
Maybe they would be if they had bigger brains. I hope not....

My advice of the day:

Go buy good shoes. You'll need them. Gas is going to be six bucks a gallon by the end of the year. So you'll be walking more. Or biking.
Or taking the bus, although you're not going to be taking it to anywhere in Northern Wisconsin. They don't go there anymore.

And that furnace in the basement? I suggest buying a space heater or three, because natural gas is going up too, almost as fast, and the folks who used to sell us liquefied natural gas are now selling us crude oil and burning it themselves. It may not be a big part of the gas market, but those empty LPG tankers and terminals sitting on our coasts are proof that the oil nations would rather burn it for themselves, just like the gas we have to bid on.

And by the way, at least half the gas cost increases are due to the BushCo. policies that made our dollar worth so much less. The idiots who voted for him should all go super glue their mouths shut and fingers together.

And you better get used to staying close to home. Aviation is going to go back to what it was when I was a kid. Expensive, and for the rich.
One of the major airlines just announced that they're charging 15 bucks just to check A BAG.
Not an extra bag. Just a suitcase. Imagine how fun the overhead bins will be when all the people who can barely afford to fly react to that.
Not that it will matter. The days of cheap flights are over.

Maybe we'll get trains again. Built by unemployed autoworkers. GM is laying off 24 percent of it's workforce by the end of the year, having lost 38 BILLION dollars this year.
When it gets bad enough, there will be a new New Deal. And maybe we can get something lasting built, instead of a lasting legacy of new robber barons and tax cuts for the rich.
We're driving around and living with an infrastructure that our current population is too stupid to fix by voting in better folks.

I see a return of a different lifestyle in the wind. One where taking a trip means a week on a big boat, and not one of those bloated floating buffets full of porky white people from Topeka drifting around the Caribbean eating corn syrup laced crap food and showing just how ugly cellulite is when you're twenty seven and have the body of a sixty year old glutton.

And how about that corn syrup in everything? Thanks, Herb Kohl and Tammy Baldwin, for supporting the farm bill and the ethanol madness of our stupid agricultural mining system.

Yup, that the right word. We're mining our topsoil. It takes thousands of years to create, and we're flushing it right down into the gulf of Mexico, creating a huge dead zone where all the crap we dump on our farms, lawns and streets causes huge algae blooms and kills everything that needs oxygen to breathe.
All to grow corn for soda, most of the processed food on the market, and to burn in our cars, because we just can't be bothered to live a life where we walk, plan ahead and take the bus, or figure out how to share.
Happy Friday everyone. I'm going to go stick onions and seeds in my garden, and pull weeds. At least I can tend to my little plot and tribe.
From the Wall Street Journal:
DETROIT -- General Motors Corp. said about 19,000 hourly workers have accepted buyout or early-retirement offers from the company and most will leave its payroll by July 1.
The move will cut the auto maker's U.S. hourly work force by about 24%, and it comes as GM is preparing a number of additional cost-cutting moves to be announced next week at its annual shareholder meeting. The 19,000 acceptances met the company's expectations, a person familiar with the numbers said.

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