Sunday, August 31, 2008

Nude, Downtown Milwaukee, 1993

She was a model who came into our studio for a commercial shoot, saw my nudes on the wall and asked me to photograph her.
Of course, I said, but where?
She says, "I got this realtor buddy in Milwaukee can get me into an empty insurance company building".
So we went, and shot photos, and it was an amazing afternoon.
Even better, we had beer and french fries afterwards.
I shot this with my giant Pentax, a big camera that took huge two by three ish negatives, printed in in a real darkroom that reeked of fixer and acetic acid and had some very good speakers left at the studio by a convicted drug dealer.
Don't miss darkrooms, at all. Photoshop and a good digital are much more immediate, and I never have to worry about film getting wrecked, or buying paper, film or chemicals.
I say, fuck the romance of film, give me instant gratification and freedom from stinky darkrooms.

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