Sunday, August 03, 2008

Civilian Insulation Corps instead of Offshore Drilling stupidity

You know what we need in this country and world? Aside from 12 hour orgasms and more women playing electric guitars?

It's not offshore drilling scams designed to offer oil companies another way to sell futures and options to get access to even more investor money.

And a note to you chumps out there: anybody who thinks oil companies are interested in actually selling oil today when it's going to be worth so much more in a few years has been huffing gas fumes from their GOP approved Hummer.

We need a new version of the great depression era CCC, the Civilian Conservation Corps, one that insulates every house in our country to the maximum it can take.

A retrained bunch of unemployed folks going around replacing light bulbs with new LCD low energy models, blowing, foaming and rolling out a superhighway's worth of pink fiberglass.
It's not like we don't have a chronically underemployed bunch of folks in this country who might like a job that means something besides working at a fast food joint or a Mallwart.

And while they're at it, they should be re-roofing every roof they can with solar panels, new and better ones designed by all the folks pissing away your tax dollars on bioweapons and new, improved nukes and stealth bombers to fight enemies we don't even have anymore.
Or wars designed to make money for the pals of our policiticans, like our Oil Money White House opportunists who are best pals with oil companies, energy scammers like Enron, and Haliburton.
But since I have been dismissed as a dirty fucking hippie by those same people in power who could do something about it and all my family members who actually still swallow the bullshit they put out, this idea will get zero traction, because nobody will listen to me but other dirty hippies.

And another thing while I'm on a rant:
I'd do if I were kicking ass and taking names locally, I'd make the Saturday Farmer's Market into a whole Square Affair, close off all the streets for most of the summer market schedule and let folks sell produce on both sides, make the middle a big pedestrian walkway for half the day.

There's been two blocks of the square closed most of the summer, and it's filled right up with musicians, artists, vendors and tons of those jerks with huge baby strollers. I can stand them when the street's open. They're not just a clog in the works.

Ok, I have to go eat some organic food fed babies now. It's best to eat low on the food chain, and those babies are sure clean meat. Like Veal, because their parents drive them everywhere, and then put them in eight wheel strollers. To keep them safe, of course. While they're pumping the carbon into the air that's fucking their future.
But I digress, and am in need of some Venture Brothers Reruns and a beverage made with rum, raspberry schnapps, lime juice, and ice. On the rocks, because my blender died from making us ethanol medications last summer. Maybe one of those SUV driving people I hate will leave a good one at Goodwill for me to buy.
Happy Sunday.

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