Saturday, August 30, 2008

Another Family Portrait

Bob and his two girls, Megan and Maddy.
Sometime around April 2003
I hated Bob for a year or two. Now I can stand to be around him, having patched up our friendship after he went FUCKING INSANE and kicked me out of his band after five years.
I gotta say, though, I don't miss the energy suck passionless bass player, though. Or the cello player who just noodles away on every song, playing the same thing and never standing out with a solo.
Not even a little bit.
I almost enjoy Bob sometimes now, oddly enough. Some days I still miss playing music with him, and Gail. She's a drum goddess.
Children are soo beautiful, aren't they?

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M Big Mistake said...

Right before SPB came together I asked the bass player of which you speak if he wanted to start a band together ala one of my all time favorites, Verb! He declined. Two days later he answered my Craig's List ad for the exact same thing (he didn't know it was me). Apparently, he was willing to join a band with a stranger, but not me. I kind of lost my affection for him after that incident.

I did quite enjoy answering his email for the Craig's List ad. "Uh,'s me."

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson