Thursday, August 07, 2008

Found On Craigslist Today:

The ad, not the photo I found out on the series of tubes long ago.

Hey Adam, it's me, your amp. I'm just sitting here, wondering if you're ever going to come and get me. Way back in March you left me here, just sitting in some moldy old basement. I thought you were going to pick me up eventually, but I'm still waiting. It's pretty lonely. Heard you were supposed to come two weeks ago, but you still didn't show. Then two days ago, and you still didn't show. Really, I'm starting to feel very abandoned. I'm wondering if you care about me at all. Remember when we used to rock out and pick up chicks? I'm a total chick magnet! Get it? Cause I have a speaker in me... with a magnet... yeah, I know it was a pretty gay joke. Anyway, some guy tried to sell me and you made a big fuss about it, but you still didn't come to get me. I'm really tired of waiting, and I think if I don't see you soon, I'm going to go the magical realm of Dumpsteria, where gnomes frolic in the enchanted garbage waters and mystical cardboard boxes abound! It'll be awesome. Sometimes I feel so unloved and unwanted that I think I don't belong in your world. But Dumpsteria will accept me, right? Right...?

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