Sunday, November 11, 2007

Motor Primitives at The High Noon

A bunch of dirty hippie peaceniks threw a benefit today at the
High Noon. The kind of people my retuglican brother thinks have "nancy pelosi liberal values".
I call them my tribe.
I think my brother's pretty stupid sometimes. Something about living in the Fox Valley makes a lot of people spiritual thugs and cranky fucks.
I think it's better to have a bleeding heart than none at all. But I'm a dirty hippie and a queer too, so what I say doesn't matter much.
John Lennon said that living is easy with eyes closed, although the clenched assholes of a lot of those same people must get sore from being scared all the time.
But anyway, my pals Pam, Robin, Jeff and Ed rocked out to raise money for the Madison Peace Coaliton, and I went down, drank fine IPA and shot these photos.
They rock, these four. I may be biased, Pam and Robin are in a band with me too.

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