Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Another Good Sandwich

A delicious dead cow sandwich at Kate and Gracie's
in Alma, Wisconsin, October 2007
It had a very nice sauce made from marinated
Figs, Prunes, Apricots, Olives, Red Wine & spices.
I love to cook, we make most of our food from scratch to avoid all the crappy corn syrup and weird additives they put in mass market food.
So when we go out, it's usually for good beer on tap and fries. The best overall burger and fries I've had in a while I had at Mickey's over on the end of Wily St. Their sexy fries kick ass.
But when it comes to good deep fried taters and sauce, I still love the Harmony on Atwood. We go there most nights after band practice, knock down a pitcher or two of Lake Louis or Sphrecher beer, and have the hot pub chips with blue cheese dressing.
Just beware, that Lake Louis beer will fuck your shit up after the second pitcher. Tastes sooo good, and hangovers installed free!

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