Friday, October 21, 2005

I don't like Monday

eyeballs glaze over
the brain connections
fail to jump the gap
like a busted distributor cap
on a 65 micro bus
on the way to a Dead concert
lurching along the desert highway
about to die and make you miss
Jerry and the good acid
and the bad music
it sputters and lurches
like your great grandfather's
drunken 48 Ford
after it
slid into the creek
on the way home from the bar
in 1966
like a deer in the headlights
paralyzed, waiting for the buckshot
half hypnotized
half zombie
half way to a feeding tube
Monday, you suck.
really, you really really suck, even when
there's no regular day job
even on vacation.
Sorry, but it's true
Why can't you be more like your sister Friday?
She is much more pleasant
has a way of making beer taste better
sometimes too good
Or more like your lazy sister Sunday
who sleeps in
would load the dvd player
and make coffee
if she had hands?
Sorry, but I think I'm going to have to
let you go
You're fired
I'd have waited till Friday
but your sister said she didn't want to get involved.
Even she doesn't like you, and she's usually the one
who gets to fire people.

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Michael B said...

Great website. Thanks for the link. I just dropped it in my favorites. Now when I need a break at work, since I stopped smoking 20 years ago, I'll just drop out and drop in on Ellie and take a micro fiction holiday.

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson