Friday, October 21, 2005

The Comet and the Warehouse

The rain would not stop after the comet hit. It had been raining steadily
for the last four months, and the hordes of people fleeing the dying cities
swarmed over every available food source. Only because of stupid luck had
Jason survived, finding a cache of ammo and guns in the washed out remains
of a long dead survivalist's house.
Finding the stockpile of food in the warehouse on the island was a mixed
blessing, and they had lost three of their tribe just getting the explosives
to blow the bridges up connecting them to the mainland. There, they made a
stand to wait things out,for the weather to calm down and for the remaining
bands of starving people to die off.
His new tribe was dry, and they weren't hungry.
But he could not count the number of times he had wished that the warehouse
had been filled with something besides canned cat food and rawhide dog

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