Friday, October 21, 2005

The Bean Event

The head wound was a bleeder, drops flying all over the place, and it took
all three crew members to deal with it.
While Romanov tried to sit still, Ivanovitch and Shultz did their best to
clean it up and glue it shut, and just getting it dry enough for the
surgical adhesive was in itself a problem.
Being so far from anything like a real hospital had some serious drawbacks.
It was going to be an impressive scar.
Romanof never stopped bicthing about it the whole trip, and blamed it on the
shipment of camping food that Shultz's boyfriend had sent in his last care
After the whole mess was cleaned up, the bleeding stopped and the galley
cleaned of Romanov's blood, sharp edges covered with duct tape and paper
towels, Shultz pointed out that it was not the freezed dried bean
casserole's fault, but the third of Sir Issac Newton's laws of physics he
needed to think about, the one that states that Every Action has an Equal
and Opposite Reaction.
"Only an idiot eats rehydrated beans on a space station and doesn't think to
grab onto something when farting" he said.

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