Thursday, October 27, 2005

The Billionare and the Clone

He was rich, rich beyond the dreams of avarice. Fat with money, most of it made in the big biotech boom of early 2010, and his fortune was cemented when he came up with foolproof self transplanting livers and nanobots that destroyed unwanted fat cells.
So he indulged himself. He bought Jimi Hendrix's guitar, and carefully scanned it for blood to sequence DNA from.
Once he found it, it only took a few days to get the samples ready and the cloning vat primed.
And then, he waited until the day came when he could pop open the heavy lid, and finally get to see his guitar god, ready to nurture this clone into the same greatness that he so loved in the original hero.
Of course, when a chubby white guy with stringy thinning hair stumbled out looking for the nearest 48 ounce bottle of Dr. Pepper and for his guitar tool kit, it occurred to The Billionaire that he now had a very expensive guitar tech.

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Rev J D said...

(tho having a guitar tech around isn't such a bad thing, eh?)

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson