Thursday, May 14, 2009

Gutted and Smelly

The rebuilding effort just goes deeper and deeper into a complete gutting.
We ripped out the seats and carpet, then the cabover sleeping area, now I'm finding myself rebuilding the walls and part of the cieling.
One thing I have noticed, it doesn't smell as baaaaad as it was, all smoke and musty 1987 vintage carpet.
I'm regluing the panels, some in situ, some like this side piece out in the shop.
I think if we don't road trip in this thing when it's done I'm just going to move into it in the driveway.
I can't decide if I should paint it all stripey like Eddie Van Halen's guitar, or paint it up like a stucco looking tropical color scheme, or do it in leopard skin. Then again, I may skip the "search me at the border" paint job and just go with bland light colors.

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