Tuesday, October 21, 2008

MF7 Gigs

Mikey and Fry and Jonathan played a few gigs last month.
One set at my old bandmate Bob's party in the park called Thurberfest, where we put on a rockin' but drummerless set, and then a truly wild fun gig at the Alchemy, formerly Wonders Pub.
We rocked the house, and Jonathan made it down for the show.
He is a killer drummer, both subtle and driven.
I like playing with these guys. Nobody phones it in, everybody wants to play their asses off, and the ego factor is pretty minimal.
Micheal's songs are funky weird, sort of a cross between Jack Johnson and Tom Waits, but with his own sensibilities and lyrical skills taking front and center.
And Fry, what can I say? He's one bad ass mofo with some serious gravitas.
I love leaning into his big throbbing bass and solid frame.
I have no idea how long this band will stick around, but I hope it's a long time. I get to really grind away with my cheap ass Les Paul copy and the big ass amp my buddy Micheal Bryant gave me.
I am starting to thing guys named Micheal are above average.

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