Saturday, October 25, 2008

Costco Moment

My pal J. needed some things from Costco. I got a membership, so I said, sure, let's go to a giant big box store filled with corn syrup loaded crap and huge piles of semi-quality shit.

So we hopped in her little car with her two freakishly smart kids, a three year old and a one and half year old.

Halfway through this child ridden expedition, I noticed her older boy hanging off the back of the shopping cart, and I said to him "careful there, kid, you might fall off and hit your head and become dumb enough that you grow up to be a republican.
Not that it matters what I say to a three year old, but at that point, this older woman (me using that term with some caution, since she was only a decade or so older than the pile of reproduction errors and bad attitudes that comprise me) turns and says "oh, no, we can't have that!".

Not what I expected to hear over in Middleton, home of every ugly freakin' chain restaurant and the source of developer's wet dreams when it comes to building disposable culture and buildings.
Then she looked at me and said, " I even called up the McCain campaign and told them to knock of the negative ads!".

I thought that was pretty damn cool to hear. It gives me some hope that we might start turning things around. I sure would like to think that.

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