Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Deep Spacer

She had spent the better part of the last decade on full burn, putting 100 years worth of earth radio and TV transmissions behind her.
It had taken every credit she could lay hands on, and the hyperdrive fuel alone had wiped out her cash reserves.
She'd bet it all, and now, as she recorded the last of the old style analog radio shows and TV programs that she wanted, she headed back home to repackage and sell them back to a public hungry for novelty and nostalgia.
Thanks to the solar storm of 2204 wiping out all recordings and archives, and her own desire for status and cash, she was going to be wealthy beyond the dreams of avarice.
As she punched out of hyperdrive to hit earth orbit, she realized she was in deep shit, or more correctly a thick asteroid belt.
Where was Earth? And what was that small moon over there?
As the tractor beams locked on, she realized, that was no moon. That was a space station.

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TidalGrrrl said...

I still dig this in a big way. It is just very cool.


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