Thursday, March 19, 2009

Our High Noon Gig: Fun, but Sparse

Fry, Michael and I opened up for a few bands at the High Noon Monday. We rocked the joint, although it was a poor night to play there, being
A: Monday night when everybody stays home, and
B: The night before St. Patty's Day, when the joint is crowded.
The Sharp and Hawkins band played after us. I liked them, they had a good vibe and a fun percussionist and one of the two guitar players had some mojo for a young pup. He even played an acoustic lap steel, also known as a Weissenborn.
I played the gig with my nasty little 12 volt guitar amp, did lots of sonic wash stuff and long sustained stuff, got my Neil Young squaawwwky out of tune by intent throb on.
Michael was pretty amazing too, in his own words he just let his monkey brain take over after the second song, and it was fun as hell to be so in the moment. Fry was his usual self, solid, bemused and dead on with his playing. I love his energy, and the way he smiles when something grabs him in a song.
The photo above is from our gig at the Alchemy a month or so back, we didn't get any at the gig the other night.
Next week the three of us are going into Smart Studios to record a final few sets before Michael and bride and baby head out for California early this summer.
Damn, I'm gonna miss him, and those times when our brain monkeys scamper wild onstage. We got a throb and gristle connection, musically.

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