Thursday, March 19, 2009

More from the New Mexico Trip

Saw this heavy metal guitar in a window in downtown Truth Or Consequences.
The lovely and talented old coot David. I made him black and white and added film grain because he's a bit of an analog film snob sort of guy.
I'm not complaining, he did by most of my old Nikon stuff from me.
I just never want to set foot in a darkroom again after ten years of being a commercial photographer and five or six years of being a darkroom monkey and photo geek at a newspaper or a few colleges. I like my digitial cameras a lot.

Martye, the most amazing artist I know. She makes pottery that functions and is so damn beautiful I almost hate to use it.
Plus, she's got a brain pan that I have really come to love.
She moves through different air with style.

Charlie left this earthly party a long, long time ago in a small town in the mountains called Hillsboro.

I know it's not politcally correct being a resident of Madison and a big middle aged lesbo to get off on big pistols that make big noises and big holes in beer cans, but I sure love them.
We took our big .45 auto along and blew off a hundred rounds or so in an abandoned open pit mine.
We picked up our brass when we were done, unlike most of the other folks who decided this was a fine spot to shoot shit up.
I grew up with guns. I have more than a few, all legal, all treated with the respect they deserve. I never have understood the fear and general uncomfortableness so may people have around them, at least in the hands of people who understand them.
But I live in a big city, and unlike a lot of idiots who don't realize how far and how many layers of cheap doors and drywall they can go through before stopping, my home protection plan is dialing 911 and keeping a baseball bat next to the bed.
There's something very rewarding about the way a big pistol or a shotgun sounds and feels like to me. Not unlike a really good electric guitar amp and a distortion pedal and Les Paul style guitar.
Big noise can be bone rattling fun if you're not being an asshole to other people when you make them.

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