Sunday, March 16, 2008

Live shots from The Crystal Corner Gig

Last night, we rocked out. Not much more could be asked for, I had a very pretty girl tell me "you rock", that made me smile, considering I am fifty damn years old.
Kori took these pictures. I was a wimp, I stuck around till about midnight, then the very loud but earnest and competent Goat Radio's guitar barrage blew my ears out, and the four or five Fat Squirrel ales got on top of me and I took my middle aged ass home. I made Kori drive. She hates that.
I'll catch the Motor Primitives next gig when they aren't playing so late
I was pretty happy with our set, we showed just enough chaos and competence to make things interesting and loose, and the energy rush that happens when you put it all up on a bouncy stage made me smile.
I know it's good when I find myself jumping up and down during a solo.
I really liked singing with Pam last night too, sqeaking out backing vocals on Pixie and Mere Lies. She sing purty!
So thanks, Tim, Pam and Robin, for flogging that musical beast, and to all of you who came out to see us and the Motor Primitives and Goat Radio.

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