Monday, March 03, 2008

Handy Info When Bush Lets Your Town Rot after a Disaster

When BushCo makes a choice to let you rot, let your town suffer in the heat after a disaster and turn your formerly mostly Democratic city into a Red State, here are two things you might find useful to know.
Of course, even if BushCo does decide to do something, unlike what they did in New Orleans, they'll have their buddies do it at five times the price, and you still will be frelled. But here's two handy survival tips.
I love semi-usefull information like this, you never know when the shit's going to hit the fan, disaster wise.
Now I am going to shovel slush, again. Bleeeech. I want to ride my bike.

In Tanzania, villagers have been placing plastic water bottles full of dirty spring water in the sun on their black tar rooftops. After eight hours (or less in very hot areas), UV rays and heat have killed off the bacteria that cause cholera, dysentary, and typhoid.

Many people believe that you have to boil water to make it safe to drink. In fact, if you heat water to 65° C (149° F), all of the germs that can cause disease in humans are killed. It takes much more fuel to boil water than to heat it to 65° C.

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