Monday, December 31, 2007

Graffiti, Minneapolis, 1983

This was spray painted on the wall near my crappy apartment building
off Franklin Street in Minneapolis. It was a rough neighborhood, filled with a weird mix of immigrants, native Americans and low rent artist types like myself and my sweetie at the time.
It reads:
"You must have a flaming moral purpose, so that greed, oppression and exploitation shrivel before the fire within you"
Never has that quote made more sense to me than right now.
This country has moved into ugly, dangerous territory, a time when rich thugs own the news and piss on the idea of truth, when greed has become a virtue, and when ideas like the rule of law and the common good have been made into a joke by the thugs running the country for their own uses.
I think the coming economic and environmental shit storm is going to change the way we deal with authority, and I sure as hell hope we can get some of the things we used to be back.
I don't want things to fall apart, but damn, I'm sure getting nervous waiting for it to happen.

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