Thursday, June 18, 2009

What to do while waiting for the collapse, Via Club Orlov

Things are getting weird. Anybody paying attention sees it. There are a lot of people out there in the media blowing smoke up our collective asses, saying the green shoots of a new growth in the old economy are on the way.
But record numbers of people are losing their jobs each month, the auto manufacturer's wave of shit has yet to really hit, and California's about to go bankrupt, yet still we bail out the IMF and Europe's banks and all the crooks in our own banking system.

So here's a bit of wisdom to consider from kollapsnik at Club Orlov, go read the rest if you want a new perspective.

So what are we to do in the meantime, while we wait for collapse, followed by good things? It's no use wasting your energy, running yourself ragged and ageing prematurely, so get plenty of rest, and try to live a slow and measured life.
One of the ways industrial society dominates us is through the use of the factory whistle: few of us work in factories, but we are still expected to work a shift. If you can avoid doing that, you will be ahead.
Maintain your freedom to decide what to do at each moment, so that you can do each thing at the most opportune time. Specifically try to give yourself as many options as you can, so that if any one thing doesn't seem to be working out, you can switch to another. The future is unpredictable, so try to plan so as to be able to change your plans at any time. Learn to ignore all the people who earn their money by telling you lies.
Thanks to them, the world is full of very bad ideas that are accepted as conventional wisdom, so watch out for them and come to your own conclusions.

Lastly, people who lack a sense of humour are going to be in for a very hard time, and can drag down those around them. Plus, they are just not that funny. So avoid people who aren't funny, and look for those who can laugh at the world no matter what happens


Poondog McMackelroy said...

Good advice. Could use a little more measuring. Cannot avoid the work shift for now- so hopefully the collapse doesn't occur for another six years of child support. eeck. The world does not wait though, does it?

Ellie's last stand with MF was a feat of energy and moxie guitar playing. She the gunslinger, Fry the steady pulse, MF prancing about with his megaphone preaching in poetics to the audience. A damn good show if I ever saw one.

Rev J D said...

Thanks for that Ellie. Wow, that was indeed an epic read. Now, where can I get a little farmhouse and several acres of land?

This quote was the one that really hit home for me, from section #18:

[Those who feel the need to be inclusive, accommodating, to compromise and to seek consensus, need to understand the awesome force of social inertia. It is an immovable, crushing weight. "We must take into account the interests of society as a whole." Translated, that means "We must allow ourselves to remain thwarted by people's unwillingness or inability to make drastic but necessary changes; to change who they are." Must we, really?]

It's time we start demanding change ever-more-vociferously of our selves, our neighbors, of our local, regional, and international corporations, and our governments.

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson