Monday, December 15, 2008

Ho, Ho, Ho, Here's a Gallon of Snot

Things here at Hint of Dementia Research Labs have been rather bleeech. A rhinovirus of disturbing effectiveness has given Kori, Kate, and I a great deal of creeping crud, making our ears clogged and our heads woogly, turning our brains into semi-dyslex-ick muck and making our eyeballs feel like onions boiled in rancid corn oil.

Me anyway, that's how I feel. Sweetie's just coming down with it, and is descending into mushy brained mucus laden despairing human flesh for a few days.

It's a pretty virulent virus too, I know of at least a dozen other folks who have had this in the last two weeks. I know one of them gave it to me. But I try not to take viruses personally.
It does not make for much creative flow, these rivers of snot. And I've been cogitatin' on how freaky things are, not wanting to write about them, because it makes me feel like the priestess of gloom, thinking and blogging about the end of Bush and the end of things as we knew them.
But at our mostly godless pagan Solstice Party on Saturday, a few folks told me they liked what I had been writing, so I think I'll start cogitating on my keyboard here instead of just thinking and ranting at the coffee house.

There's something about this time of year that makes me want to crawl into a warm bed every night around eight pm and hibernate.
The short days, the often grey skies, and the frigid air all combine to make the remaining parts of my brain left over from our pre industrial days want to just shut down till the days get longer.

I'd like to find the guy who decided money and mass production were the only ways to measure and make things and shove a sharp stick in his eye.
And as long as I am searching for pointy stick in the eyeball candidates, how about adding the folks who made the idea of sharing things and having a life beyond buying and selling and putting a dollar value on everything from human heartbeats to nature itself, and give them another sharp stick lobotomy?
Then again, there are so many shallow thinkers and greedy shitheads out there we'd run out of sticks. Expecting a lot for no work is how we got into this big money mess.

Sweetie and Mikey were talking about socialism the other day, and how so many people have a knee jerk reaction that sharing things is bad when you're an adult, but what you're told to do when you're a kid.

Few folks ever question our "free market system" or capitalism, but god forbid any hint of socialism.

Funny how greed trumps love once you're an adult.

Bundle up folks, it's cold out there today. I wish you unbroken furnaces and hot tea as needed.

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