Saturday, September 29, 2007

Driving along the water's edge

She slammed down her blood pressure meds with the last of a huge mug of mud thick coffee and headed down the stairs to the new used truck. It sat there in the driveway waiting patiently, looking ready to roll as far and as long as the money and the gasoline supplies lasted.
It was going to be a long trip, up the far east side of Lake Michigan, through the ugly ruins of Gary, Indiana, the reek of refineries and past crumbling ruins up to Grand Rapids, then along the broken roads of eastern Michigan to the south shore of Lake Superior, along the edge of the world's greatest freshwater body, then down through Duluth to the headwaters of the mighty Mississippi, along the river road until they reached the far corner of Wisconsin, then back to home, garden and the tribe.
Who knew what would happen along the way? They'd packed a bag of various Valiums, painkillers and a bottle of cheap tequila, the big army 45. and a hundred rounds of hollow points, one electric guitar and amp, and a laptop computer filled with strange writings and obscure music that only freaks and mental patients would listen to. They decided to leave the AK-47 home this trip. The .45 made a more rewarding noise. And where were the damn earplugs, she thought?
It was going to be an interesting ten days or so......

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Pyromancer said...

Sounds like a great road trip, you're making me jealous. Your new truck sounds cool too. Just stay away from bible-thumping loonies on overpasses. I want to see you guys again.

Happy birthday for your 50th, you're almost exactly ten years ahead of me, I'll be 40 on the 21st of November. That's scary, I'm a grownup. Been pretending not to be for about the last 15 years, but can't escape it any more. Fear!

(*HUGS*) to you both, enjoy the trip!

"Sometimes a scream is better than a thesis." Ralph Waldo Emerson